School of Hard Knocks Learner Meets Wise Old Master

Soooo, I am 2.5 weeks into the Ido Portal Online Coaching and I did something stupid. In addition to my 6 days a week of 3-4 hours of training, plus a 3 day road trip to Austin Texas, I completed a 140 mile bike ride for charity. Foolish, right?

While my ride did raise money to support feeding people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions, it most likely detracted from my workouts and my recovery. 

I felt the need to confess to my coach, so I did. A day later I got this response that made me smile and laugh "140 mile charity ride: a worthy cause but definitely not helpful for training. 140 reps of eagle arms both directions as repentance and you're in the clear." 

This reminded me of what would most likely happen in an awesome old kung fu movie when the young student does something silly, and the wise old master gives them something hard to do, just so they can think about what they've done. This school of hard knocks student just got his lesson haha

I'm really appreciating the accountability that this program has provided me with, even in a short amount of time. 

(just so you know, eagle arms are exotic torture movements that simultaneously strengthen your upper back)