Pen Penny Foot Drill

Pen Penny Drill

Pen Penny Drill

You might have the best, most stable feet in the whole wide world... I don't. Half of the clients I've worked with have weak feet from those aforementioned high tech shoes, and it results in an unstable base, which then results in knee and hip issues. In these cases I'm not surprised if they also have knee and hip issues due to other modern lifestyle choices, but I always check the feet to see how strong their base is. 

I have a couple of tools in the ol' toolbox to fix the issues, but this one is a great eye opener for awareness to see if your foot is doing what you think it is doing. It teaches you what muscles you are or aren't activating and gives you a cue of how to activate your arch without tipping your entire foot. 

You simply put a penny under the joint of the big toe, and a pen under your arch. With both feet on the ground press down on the penny while pulling off of the pen. If that is easy shift more weight on the pen/penny foot or lift up your other foot entirely. 

This is the video I borrowed this drill from and I encourage you to watch it when you get the time. It's got other good tricks to make your feet more functional.