The benefit to Yoga that no one is talking about!

Ok, "no one" is a stretch, but very few people I know I talking about your.... Feet. 

Yoga is one of the only popular health and fitness modalities that encourages barefoot practice. It is so refreshing and systemically beneficial to be able to stretch and strengthen one of the most important and complex parts of your body without overthinking it. The balancing poses for strength and stability. Poses that get your ankles to go into dorsiflexion and plantar flexion will open up your usable ranges of motion in a way that will transfer into athletics, weight training, and life in general. 

The fact that you don't need special equipment to perform yoga makes it accessible to everyone. There are donation based classes at most yoga centers that allow the broke guy/gal to do yoga next to the affluent business person. Sure you can buy a $108 Manuka Yoga Mat but you certainly don't need to. The industrial fitness complex loves selling you things, and workout specific shoes make up a large portion of the market. Your buddy GB only has one problem with that...           

"high tech shoes make low tech feet." *

Ponder on that quote when you lace up your Reebok Nano's or Hoka Odyssey 2's. **

Of course, you don't need to wait for yoga to free those feetsies, but it is about the only place in modern society that won't frown upon it. At any American gym you would hear "ew, omg, look at (insert gender identity specific pro-noun) feet!", or people will think that you're a dirty hippy. Try walking around in the comfort of your own home, spreading your toes often. It feels splendid!



*the author is jealous that Ido Portal so eloquently summed up the author's thoughts on the matter. The author usually just goes into long rants about shoe companies and how amazing nature's/god's design is. 

** the author doesn't really have a problem with the Reebok Nano, but holds the opinion that the Hoka shoe is the worse thing to happen to feet since Chinese foot binding.