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How I feel lately.... a crumpled little ballerina ( Swan Despair by Caroline Martin)

How I feel lately.... a crumpled little ballerina (Swan Despair by Caroline Martin)

Phew, how do I start describing the exhaustion, the cliche blood/sweat/tears/blah/etc and occasional bumpy road that comes with trying to execute something much better than you're capable to doing right now? 

Exhaustion: Yup, I'm a little tired lately. I'm getting 8-10 hours of sleep per night, and then taking naps as needed to make up for a short night here and there. I think it is more mental exhaustion of training 6 days a week for extended amounts of time doing the same things, but at the same time I find this repetition and routine so refreshing! I don't think I'll have any black or white opinions about this style of training for at least another month because the body is amazing at adapting to stimulus you provide it. 

Blood: yeah, I had a bit of that, but not much. The super slow eccentric of a ring muscle-up occasionally takes a piece of skin in transition. No worries, a little Mueller's Athletic Tape and I was good to go!

Tears: In hindsight this is such a teenie tiny non-existent issue, but at the time when I couldn't keep my right elbow from bending in the initial phase of the ring Skin the Cat I wanted to scream, cry, and kick my feet. I figured it out in my next session, Squeezed the life out of the rings, flexed my triceps like I never ever wanted them to bend ever again, and it worked :)

Conclusion: As I round the end of week 2 and into week 3 I feel optimistic about the skills and body awareness I'm gaining. On days where motivation is low I've been inviting friends to join me, and that distracts me a little from the hard work thats about to follow. It works, you should try it if you're lacking any motivation or feeling the grind. To end on a light note, I'm really enjoying this. Just because my will power is being challenged doesn't mean this isn't amazing fun!

Tips: learn your shoulders natural range of motion, then practice moving in those available ranges.

  • Elevation
  • Depression
  • Retraction 
  • Protraction

It is not the end of your shoulder education, but it is a fantastic start. 

Homework for the knowledge hungry: The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training , sooooo many gems! Tim Ferriss and Coach Sommers drop some serious knowledge bombs. Most informative part for me was the discussion about how connective tissue takes so much longer to repair fully. Lesson learned? Be patient and spend lots of time doing the basics right. 

Your daily laugh: I got a super funny (to me) punishment for doing my 140 mile charity bike ride. Johnny commended the good cause and then had me do 140 Eagle Arms in both directions for repentance haha I must be sick because I enjoyed it. Watch and laugh at my expense haha