Inclusivity: we are in thIs together

As I dive deeper into making lifestyle programs, I’m discovering how challenging this clarity of thought has to be. It really forces you to cut out the fluff. 

The one thing I won’t ever cut out is my love, openness, attempted understanding, and listening to the humans that I meet along the way. 

I aim to open doors of health and empowerment with you, not have you conform to someone else’s ideals. I don’t want you to fit in my box, I want to share this world with you. 

A dear friend noted that in the years in the gym with them, they had never heard me say anything about the way someone looks, and now I’ve got a program called #flatgutsfatbutts. 

I can see how that seems off-brand, and I assure you, the name was created in a very tongue in cheek tone. It’s a joke, and it came after the result of all the participants having stronger and slightly larger glutes, and commonly an unexpected reduction in waist size. 

I love you. You’re worth it. I’m listening. All are welcome on this journey. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤