Another Linear Progression? Yay!!!

Lightweight baby! No seriously, it’s insultingly light… but right.

Lightweight baby! No seriously, it’s insultingly light… but right.

There’s alway a time to revisit the basics, and for your buddy GB, that time is now.

After 4 years of creating MissionFit, and 2 years as its leader, I found myself weaker and with less mass than when I started. In the beginning I had the luxury of being head coach, which left lots of space for training, and downtime to recover. As MissionFit grew, and my responsibilities began to build, my journey of strength, acquisition of muscle mass, and learning new skills fell to the wayside.

In hindsight , this taught me a lesson that I wasn’t capable of learning previously. Apparently when you pour your life’s energy into others, you don’t always leave enough energy for yourself.

Who knew? haha

(that’s my off the books apology to all the parents, teachers, and leaders I’ve trained. I tried to understand, but the lesson only came when I felt the struggle.)

So now, 4 years later and 18 pounds lighter, it’s time to return to the basics. I’m 39 years old, and relatively injury free compared to my peers who do as much as I do. An intelligent program is key to reaching my goals of strength, size, and ability, while honoring my goals of longevity. An adapted Novice Linear Progression is the way to achieve that.

The details are as follows…

  • 3 days a week Starting Strength linear progression for the Squat, Deadlift, & Power Clean. I’ll have an A workout and a B workout.

  • Bench and Barbell Press will be replaced with weighted Ring Dips and Handstand Push-ups. My yet to be unsolved Thoracic Outlet Syndrome made that substitution call for me. Whenever I push heavy my hands and fingers go numb.

  • Some “mover” type stuff will be added as a finisher, as well as some basic hypertrophy work, but not at the expense of the big compound lifts.

  • Daily Restorative Movement Practice.

Purists might be quick to point out that what I’m doing isn’t a true linear progression because I am not doing the exact Rippetoe programming, but my 10 years of coaching others, multiple readings of Starting Strength, attendance of the seminar, and detailed self analysis of training stimulus and the results gained, tell me that this is the direction to go for me.

It’s exciting to return back to the trusty progression that started my barbell journey. One might be phased by a perceived regression, but I think that even a month or two of missed training warrants an intelligent ramp-up.

Remember… Your Ego is not Your Amigo!

<3 GB