2019 Update from Maui!

It’s past time for me to update. For the past 4 years I have been playing a major role in the sustainability and success of MissionFit, whilst simultaneously trying to stay afloat personally. Now it’s me time! I am currently living out the process of building a longtime personal dream… a career path not dependent on location.

For the past 3 months I have been upping my online content, starting with a 30 day posting challenge, issued by Craig Ballantyne, who I have been following since the Turbulence Training days. I am fully embracing my time here in Maui, being the wild creature in the sun that I’ve always dreamed of being. (whilst enjoying the creature comforts of Costco and Target being so close haha)

Stay tuned for….

  • the release of Flat Guts Fat Butts, (not a live link as of 1/19) my most successful body composition program to date. It was 30 days, and I’m adding value and sustainability by making it 90 days! Video starts next week.

  • a site dedicated to the sustainable fitness of the busy modern human! There will be intelligent daily programming for strength, endurance, mobility, and relaxation. This is in development now, and will launch well after FGFB has stretched its legs on the internet.

  • the World Peace Project. Yeah, I’m not playing small anymore. Creating a movement is something I am terrified to start, but it’s something I can’t shake. More to come!

Thank you for being with me on this journey. I have overwhelming currents of gratitude and optimism pulsing inside me as I take on this hard, yet fulfilling work.

<3 GB