Beats by GB (metronome beats, that is)

A Metronome App on my iPhone. Gamechanger.


Standards. Do you have them?

With so many qualitative and quantitative metrics available to modern coaches, we have to know which ones to use, with which clients, at the right times. Speaking of time, lets talk about perfect time.


This is a gamechanger for quality because of the control and grace aspect. It also helps track quantity as well because we can accurately measure time under tension. As a tension teaching tool it can't be beat! A personal example of the effectiveness of the metronome is my muscle-up. Now I'm not one to brag (get ready to hear a brag), but I pull like a savage. My concentric is violent and explosive, but there is one little problem with that. We don't only pull up... we also have to lower down. I could pull on top of the rings with the greatest of ease, but I couldn't lower down without flailing or falling. That single sided strength was likely hindering my progress getting reps, and it was most certainly a recipe for a shoulder/elbow injury down the road.

I added in the qualitative measurement of 3 second eccentrics and miraculously my reps record went from 3 sloppy reps to 5 perfect slow reps.

Now for an example we an all imagine. Have you seen (or been) that squatter that slams to the bottom of the squat only to wriggle/shift/worm/seizure their way up? That person needs some metronome in their life! Making a regression in weight and starting with 5 second eccentric squats until the bar/body path was consistent would do wonders for their performance and longevity. 

  • Does this take concentration? Yup.
  • Does this take discipline? Yup.
  • Does it challenge your ego doing down in weight or reps? Mos def. 
  • Is your short term and long term health and performance goals worth the temporary step back?Hell yup!!!

I hope you try these for a phase of your training, and see what the beat can do for you. 

<3 GB

*to balance out the aforementioned brag, its worth noting that I press like a toddler.

**Pro-tip for powerlifters: this technique will straighten out your bar path in the squat and bench in no time. You'll feel how much harder it is to have an inefficient bar path.