GB, why do you use the term "Humans" so often?

Good Question! I use the descriptive term Humans for everyone because thats how I try to see everyone. No matter what your race, gender identity, religion/non-religion, birthplace, skin color, sexual orientation, height, weight, hair style, nationality, I will do my best to be open and kind to you. 

It's my small way of being the change that I want to see in the world. I believe that these identities, while useful for self identity and creating a tribe, can also be the focus of differentiating ourselves from one another to a level of exclusion and misunderstanding of one another. 

We are all in this world together. This world is getting smaller every day because of the exponential growth curve of technology of transport and communication. Focusing on our differences does nothing to move us ahead as a species. 

From one human to another, I hope you're enjoying this flight on a rock hurtling through outer space, and I encourage you to see anyone in your daily life as a fellow human, before anything else.

<3 GB