You and your gym need this cheap fix! (Only if you're looking to make progress)

I have an "Intentional Gym Community Member", hereinafter referred to as IGCM, who trains with me once a week, and trains by themselves twice a week. We train compound lifts like squats and deadlifts, and we train gymnastic strength for upper body. Occasionally, this athlete comes to me and says...

IGCM: I don't feel like I'm getting stronger.

Me: How long do you rest between your work sets?

IGCM then says "I dunno" or "like, maybe a minute". Thats when IGCM gets a present. 

The Gamechanger  

The Gamechanger  

Ye olde egge timer... That's it. An egg timer is what its gonna take to get ICGM, and possibly you, stronger and better at the skills they are trying to learn. The vein on my forehead is already starting to bulge out a little, only because encouraging rest (read: forcing rest) is one of those things that I have suggested until I'm purple in the face, only to have my clients come back like "jeez, coach GB, you were right". Resting between sets is not lazy, it's smart. It is how high level athletes train, and if you'd like to get awesome results it would be wise to align your training methodology with someone that is paid to get results. 

As with all things, there are a few exceptions, like EMOM's or limiting rest in attempt to increase work capacity, but for most of us, including me, just need to rest. One of the things I liked most about the Ido Portal Online Coaching was that my rest periods were all written out, leaving very little to question. 

My findings are that timer works better than the large timer on the wall or a cell phone. I believe it's because the egg timer won't distract you like your snapchat riddled cellie, and it's better than the wall timer because it beeps at you and can't be ignored. At least not with my Intentional Community Members around, who will ruthlessly hound you if you leave your timer going off unattended. 

Are you looking for skills or strength but having a hard time finding them?

Egg timer. Gamechanger!!!

 <3 GB