The one person necessary for grassroots success is...


When you’re excited about the work we do, Strengthening Baltimore’s Youth at MissionFit, you’re bound to ask what you can do to help. I'll simply ask you to tell one person who will also be excited about what we do. At a minimum you will contribute to our word of mouth grassroots marketing, and if you tell the right person maybe they will positively influence some youth to walk through our doors with the intentions of self improvement. Either way it’s a win!

Same thing with Personal Training clients. Tell one person about your progress since you started training with me. If it feels too much like bragging about how many inches you’ve lost or how much your deadlift is, you can humbly give me all of the credit even though we both know that you did all the hard work 😉 

The genius of this technique is that people very rarely tell one person, they tell bunches of people! It works because they will have a very low commitment level to buy in, I mean, everyone can tell just one person. If I asked you to scream it off the mountaintops to everyone you know, that sounds more daunting, and a little bit like work. Telling one person is as easy as can be!


Action items

  • Tell one person about MissionFit if you think it’s valuable
  • Tell one person about your experience training with me if you think it’s valuable
  • *If you are a professional or Non-profit organization and you’re doing great work, try using this strategy for yourself. I think you’ll be pleased.