Letter to a Cynical Friend: The Strength of Optimism

Are humans the most adaptable and capable hardware ever created? We have some built in operating system glitches, and those can all be rewritten with a little bit of time and work. Am I so off on this one? Why wouldn’t someone have undying optimism in the human race? 

Historically, people have gotten things wrong with how to deal with other people. I don’t believe this needs to be an endless cycle. Go ahead, think “But that’s how things have always been.” Then also realize that the appeal to tradition or argumentum ad antiquitatem, can’t be a valid answer.

It may seem like it could take forever to get to the point of collective enlightenment, but please consider that we are closer to exponential growth in technology and shared consciousness than we have ever been before. Imagine the world that your great great grandparents lived in. The world now is unrecognizable to someone 2-3 generations away.

Remember that every almost every advance in humanity comes from optimism. Innovation generates from a person thinking something can happen even when most other people think it can’t. Yes, that was an appeal to tradition, but I think you will find it is one that will get you much further in life. 


Note: the author is a flawed human being, who is suffering from a brutal case of the Socratic Paradox, “I know that I know nothing"